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01 - Humanity is good

We look forward to a future of human flourishing - more artists, more inventors, more Olympians, more astronauts. More children and more childhood dreams fulfilled. But across the globe, the youngest generations are increasingly lonely, unmarried, and childless.

We believe our purpose is to be here for each other, and humanity's destiny is to conquer the stars. Successful societies are built on happy families, and human flourishing depends on creating those families.

02 -  Long-term meaning over short-term gratification

In 1985, nobody was drinking kale smoothies. Whole Foods had three total locations, and "eating organic" was something only hippies and athletes cared about. But those health-conscious early adopters were onto something. Thirty years later, eating healthy is all the rave. Some people still fill up on processed food, but more are turning to an older paradigm: organic sourcing, fewer preservatives, no processing.

We believe there's a similar turn happening around dating and relationships. People are realizing that casual dating - like empty calorie snacking - satisfies only short-term, instant gratification. Keeper is for everyone who realizes that the long term is what truly matters.

03 - Iteration and improvement ARE a part of the process

It's our responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves, in person and online. But it's harder than ever to tell what others are truly seeking. Culture and media send mixed messages, and you can never see yourself through someone else's eyes. Keeper crowd-sources feedback from people who fit your preferences so you can adapt and succeed. We will never leave you flying blind.

04 - Honesty is always best

We take your preferences seriously, but we must take everyone else's preferences seriously as well. If we think you're unlikely to get a match, we're transparent with you about why. If you're being unrealistic, we'll tell you. We find that the hard truth is often necessary to get people where they need to be in order to give them that perfect match - whether that means improving yourself or adjusting your standards.

05 - Quality Before Everything

Quality is at the core of who we are. We only produce elite-quality products, do elite-quality work, and make elite-quality matches. We never make a match we don't feel 100% confident about just because we can. We never build products just to ship something. And we never show up halfway in any of our efforts. Anything we do, we are obligated to do well.

05 - We don’t deny Nature

We humans are the product of millions of years of evolution. Evolutionary biologists have extensively documented the differences in how men and women seek long-term partners. We're different! We have different preferences, different communication styles, and different behavioral patterns.

Dating apps completely ignore sex-based differences and treat everyone as if they are exactly the same. As a result, they've helped fuel a culture of short-term flings and fewer marriages. Keeper takes human nature seriously, making us more effective at successfully matching people for the long term.

07 - The individual matters

Every Keeper member is a uniquely complex individual, and we respect you as such. We provide an experience tailored to who you are and what you are looking for. We match based on individual preferences above all else and treat people like people, not numbers.


Keeper's thoughts on relationships, dating, gender dynamics, evolutionary psychology, romance, and more.


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