Meet the person who meets your standards.

Driven by AI and relationship science. Guided by human care.

Meet the person who meets your standards.

Driven by AI and relationship science, guided by human care.
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For women

Men ready for a relationship with you.

We make men tell us what they want in a long-term partner, so we only match you with men who are serious about you.

For Men

Women who meet your standards for a wife.

Tell us who you're looking for. We’ll introduce you to someone who meets all of the details, first date guaranteed.

Filter for anything.

Dating apps only give you a dozen or so filters. On Keeper, tell us everything that matters to you.

For now and forever.

We prioritize short-term attraction and lifetime compatibility, because forever is our goal.

Human matchmakers + AI.

Our matching system combines the best of machine intelligence and human intuition, using the latest in relationship science.

One real match at a time.

Keeper only matches you with people who meet what you’re looking for. Members treat each other like people, not numbers.


01 - Humanity is good

We look forward to a future of human flourishing - more artists, more astronauts, more inventors, more Olympians; more childhood dreams from more childhoods. But in much of the world, each generation has married less often, married later, and had fewer children. Most countries worldwide have fallen below the replacement rate, meaning their nations are dwindling. We think people need each other, as individuals and societies, and human flourishing starts with more families.


In 1985, Whole Foods had three stores in Austin and one in Houston, and eating ‘organic’ was something only hippies and athletes cared about. No one was drinking kale smoothies. Supermarkets were only just beginning to fill up with processed foods. Thirty-some years on and health food is everywhere. Fast food hasn’t gone away, but, spurred on by early adopters and more health-conscious parts of society, more and more people are turning anew towards an older paradigm - organic sourcing, fewer or no preservatives, no processing.

We think the same new turn to older practice will happen, starting with family-conscious people, then going mainstream. Casual dating apps only satisfy short-term instant gratification, the empty calories of relationships. Keeper is for people who recognize the long term is what matters most.

03 - Iteration and improvement ARE a part of the process

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be the best version of themselves, both in-person and online. But it’s hard to know what the other sex really wants these days - our culture and media send distorted messages and we don’t see the world through their eyes. Keeper lets you crowdsource feedback on your photos and profile from people who are what you desire in a partner. Once you’ve gone on a few dates from Keeper, if you want to see it, we’ll show you any constructive feedback that your dates have given anonymously. That way you won’t be flying blind next time.

04 - Honesty is the best policy

We will always take your criteria seriously, but we’ll take everyone else’s criteria seriously, too. If it doesn’t look like you’ll get a match, we'll be up front with you about why. We find that telling the hard truth is often what it takes to get people where they need to be in order to make a great match happen.

05 - We take care with people

Everyone is busy, and searching for a partner is time intensive. Let us do the work — tell us who you are, what you want, and we’ll get started. We don’t make matches just to make matches, however. We’d rather take longer in the background than waste two peoples’ time. You shouldn’t expect a regular cadence of matches, because neither your nor prospective matches are disposable people.

06 - We don’t deny Nature

Humans are the product of millions of years of evolution. Evolutionary biologists have studied the way men and women act when seeking long-term partners. They behave differently. They have different preferences, different communication styles, and different ways of seeking long-term partners. Dating apps completely ignore sex-linked differences. As a result, the way they generate so-called “matches” has helped fuel a culture of hook-ups rather than marriages. Keeper takes human psychology seriously, so we are realistic about how to match people for long-term success.



Is Keeper a dating app?

No, Keeper is not a dating app. Keeper is a family formation product. We're creating a new category for a technology-enabled matchmaking product. If you're simply looking to date, Keeper is not the right solution. Dating apps present thousands of people who may or may not be what you want in a partner. Keeper believes that if family formation is your goal, you don't want a puddle 1000 feet wide and 1 inch deep. The ideal solution would introduce you to your future spouse on the first try, using a great depth of data to make that perfect introduction. Keeper collects everything you want in a partner and only makes the introduction if they meet all those criteria.

What kinds of traits can you set as your preferences?

Anything. People are complicated and messy and wonderful - but measurable and matchable.

Will you pair me with my spouse on the first try?

Maybe. We've done it before, but it doesn't happen every time. It mainly depends on how conscious you are of what you're looking for and how comprehensive you are in the preferences you provide us.

Do you only match me with people who meet all my preferences?

Yes. Unlike other matchmakers, we don't make matches just to make them, and we don't do blind dates that force incompatible people to go out with each other. We only make a match when we have someone who meets exactly what you're looking for, and you them. Whatever preferences you give us, we will use to vet your match and verify they meet all of them before we make the introduction.

What makes you different from other matchmakers?

Great question! A few key things:

  1. You only pay for success with Keeper. Most matchmakers charge a subscription or yearly fee. Keeper only charges you for a successful date or a successful marriage.
  2. We don't make fuzzy matches. Other matchmakers will often make matches just to make them. Their incentive structure is simply different than ours, which lets us only make matches that are everything you actually want.
  3. Keeper's matching algorithm is the most advanced in the world. Our algorithm leverages AI and the latest in relationship science to analyze long-term compatibility based on attributes like IQ, the Big 5 Personality test, and the masculinity/femininity testing work of Dr. Sandra Lipsitz Bem, as well as many other predictive measurements. The other matchmakers mostly rely on Spreadsheets and guessing.
  4. We actively help you improve yourself and your odds. We'll give you feedback on things you need to work on to be more attractive to the opposite sex based on feedback from real people who are what you're looking for in a spouse. We'll also test your photos for attractiveness and trustworthiness using statistically valid methods and optimize your profile for you.

How does pricing work?

Keeper has two core offerings: Keeper Searchlight (get matched) and Keeper Legacy (get married). Searchlight charges per match to be matched with someone who meets 100% of your criteria for a partner, and you theirs. The first date is guaranteed, so if the first date doesn't happen for any reason, you get a refund. Keeper Legacy entitles you to unlimited matches (but still one at a time) for a fully-refundable deposit. In that case, we don't get paid until you get married. Searchlight and Legacy have custom pricing, depending on a user's needs and traits, but they start in the thousands of dollars range. Additionally, anyone can join our pool and be matched with our paying users for free.

How many people are in your database?

Keeper's database is in the thousands of users now. We also go outbound for all of our paying users and leverage several different channels to find exactly who you're looking for, even if they haven't signed up for Keeper yet.

What does the AI part do?

The AI works with our matchmakers to vet candidates for you and make better matches more efficiently. Most dating apps use basic algorithms like "is this person within your height criteria." Our AI reads, understands, and makes judgments on the natural language preferences you give us, as well as analyzes photos to see if people will fit from a looks perspective. It is constantly improving and growing in its capabilities, and our goal is to one day have it completely replace the human matchmaker so that we can bring this service to everyone on earth for cheap.

How do you ensure people on here are looking for something serious?

Typically people won't fill out a long form with their deepest personal information and preferences about a spouse unless they are serious. There are plenty of faster, easier, and cheaper ways to casually date than Keeper. Men are typically the ones to prefer short-term relationships since they have a much more significant gap between their standards for a long-term partner and a short-term one, so if you ask a man everything he wants in a spouse and then only match him with women who meet those criteria, you mitigate the odds of him behaving in a short-term manner significantly. On the low chance that someone behaves casually, we collect feedback after every first date, and if we notice a pattern, we remove them from the platform.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription or a long-term contract?

No. Our services are ad-hoc, and you can cancel for a full refund anytime.

How new is this service?

We launched in May 2022. We are a venture-backed startup with investors, including Bain Capital, Sovereign Capital, and Champion Hill Ventures.

What is your success rate?

Since our launch less than a year ago, we've made a marriage and a handful of long-term relationships from a little over 30 matches made.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, on Keeper Searchlight, you can get your money back for any reason up until the first date. After the first date, you can get your money back if you feel your match didn't meet your explicitly stated preferences. On Keeper Legacy, you can get your marriage deposit back anytime before marriage. However, we won't give you your money back if you change your mind after marrying your spouse.

What’s the difference between paid membership and free membership?

For paying members, we actively match on your behalf. That means we comb through our database and reach out into our various matchmaking networks until we find someone, ask the relevant questions, and make the match. If you join the free database, we consider you for matches with our paying members.

Generally speaking, paying members get matched more quickly. One exception is if you sign up for free and we instantly recognize you're a great match for one of our paying members. That being said, our client list is growing daily, and if you join for free the odds of you eventually getting matched are high.

If you join for free, you never pay, even if we match you.

What if I don’t want to pay?

You can join our matchmaking pool for free and be matched with our paying members. We encourage you to do so, because the odds are good we’ll eventually find you a match.

How is the experience different for men and women?

When we make a match, we show the man to the woman before the man sees her. If the woman says the man is someone she’d like to meet, we then show the woman’s profile to the man. If she’s not interested, the man never sees her profile.

What type of information do you share with my match?

Most of the information we collect is only used behind the scenes to ensure match quality. Profiles are built using only information that would be appropriate to share before a first date. You can feel safe knowing we won’t overshare on your behalf.

Is this related to ChatGPT?

We use our own internal proprietary trained version of OpenAI's GPT on our backend to help create optimal matches for our matchmakers. We also use other AI technologies like computer vision to help identify strong matches related to physical attributes. All of our AI algorithms are guided by relationship science and evolutionary psychology research that optimizes for matches that will have both short-term attraction and long-term success.

You ask a lot of personal questions. What do you do with my data?

We take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. We do not sell your data to anyone and we don't share it with anyone except your match. For men, relevant features of your profile will be shared with interested women; for women, we only share relevant profile details with men you explicitly express interest in. Contact information is only exchanged once both parties have agreed to the match. Your sensitive preferences for a partner are never shared with anyone. We value the trust you place in us because we need it to make quality matches. Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is our top priority.

Where is Keeper live?

Keeper currently accepts paid users from North America and Europe, but anyone in the world can join the Keeper matchmaking pool.

Do you have an app?

For now, the whole process is handled via this website as well as texts, phone calls, or emails with our matchmakers. You can reach out to to view or make changes to your information. We are in the process of building a more fully automated self-service web app.

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