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Love at first match.

Real human matchmakers, guided by AI and relationship psychology.
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Love at first match.

Driven by AI and relationship science. Guided by human care.
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For women

The man you'll keep forever.

We make men tell us what they want in a committed partner, so we only match you with a man who is serious about you.
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For Men

The woman you've been looking for.

Tell us everything that matters to you. We’ll introduce you to someone who meets every last detail.
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Proven Results

Unlike other matchmakers, we don't make matches just to make them. We only make high confidence matches, and the results speak for themselves.
Percent of dates that turn into committed relationships.
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Tell us your every desire.

Tell us anything and everything that matters to you. We will find the one who meets all of it.
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We test for chemistry.

Psychometric testing and deep questioning ensure compatibility, because forever is our goal.
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Aligned incentives.

We win when you win. Taking you from zero to married is our only priority.
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Start on the fifth date.

Save hundreds of hours of swiping and first dates that go nowhere. Only receive matches that are likely to lead to love.

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Is Keeper a dating app?

We are more accurately described as a matchmaking service. Our mission is to help people find love, get married, and start families - not date endlessly. If your goal is to 'play the field' or just see what's out there, Keeper isn't the right fit for you. If you want to have your criteria for a lifelong partner taken seriously and get quality, vetted introductions to people looking for the same, then we're happy to serve you.

We do plan on turning our entire offering into a productized "app" in the long run, but for now there is a lot of human effort behind the scenes.

How long does it take to be matched on Keeper?

It depends on a lot of factors. Our goal isn't to promise a set number of matches in a specific time frame, our goal is to introduce you to someone who is exactly what you're looking for and who is looking for someone like you. Quality over quantity. Generally, our onboarding and information gathering phase takes a couple weeks. From there, it's typically taken a few months to match people with someone they enter a long-term relationship with. The cadence is slower than dating apps because we are far more deliberate.

Members on our paid plans get matched more quickly than members on our free plan, because they are prioritized and given a dedicated matchmaker for outbound prospecting. Free members are eligible to match only with the 5% of members who are paying, because every match must include one paying member. Free members should still expect to receive a match eventually.

What locations or regions is Keeper open to?

Keeper currently accepts paid members who live or spend significant time in North America and the UK, but anyone in the world can join the Keeper free pool.

What languages does Keeper support?

We're only available in English at this time.

What kinds of traits can you set as your preferences on Keeper?

Anything you can think of.

Will Keeper pair me with my spouse on the first try?

Maybe. It happens about one of every six tries. It mainly depends on how conscious you are of what you're looking for and how comprehensive you are in describing your preferences and yourself.

Does Keeper match me only with people who meet all my preferences?

Yes. Unlike other matchmakers, we don't make matches just to hit a quota. We only make a match when we have someone who meets all of your standards, and vice versa. Before we make an introduction, we vet you and your match to make sure you meet all of each others' preferences. We will be in contact with you both to determine if and where there's flexibility, but our goal is finding fit - not forcing it.

What makes Keeper different from other matchmakers?

A few key things:

  1. Most matchmakers take their profit by charging a subscription or yearly fee. Keeper only profits when you go on a first date with your ideal match, or when you get married (depending on your plan).
  2. We don't make fuzzy matches. Other matchmakers will make mediocre matches because they need to hit a quota. Their incentive structure is simply different than ours, which lets us only make matches that are mutually strong.
  3. Keeper goes deep on psychometric attributes like IQ, personality type, and masculine/feminine polarity, as well as many other predictors. We're not relying on mere intuition and guesswork.
  4. We actively help you improve yourself and your odds at success. We'll suggest things you can work on to get the matches you want based on feedback from real people who meet your preferences. We also test your photos and optimize your profile for you. On Keeper, your best foot is always forward.
How does pricing work on Keeper?

Keeper has three plans: Free, Pay for First Date, and Marriage Bounty.

Free members are eligible to be matched with paying members only. If you don't want to pay for Keeper, we encourage you to sign up as a free member, because odds are we'll be able to match you eventually. You never pay, and your match is guaranteed to meet 100% of your preferences.

Keeper's Pay for First Date plan enables matching with both paid and free members, increasing your odds of success by about 30x. On this plan, you pay for every in-person first date that you go on. Your match is guaranteed to meet the preferences you provide, you are guaranteed to meet theirs, and the match is guaranteed to be a fit from a psychometric perspective. You can see your match and video chat with them before your date without paying anything. We want you to be excited about your match before you pay for a date. Pricing on this plan varies depending on your needs and situation.

Keeper's Marriage Bounty plan offers the same benefits as the Pay for First Date plan, but you only pay once you find long-term success with a match. Pricing on this plan also varies depending on your needs and situation.

How many people are in Keeper's database?

We have over 200,000 members.

What does the AI part of Keeper do?

Our matchmakers use the AI to vet candidates for you and make matches more efficiently. Dating apps use basic algorithms like "does this person meet your height criteria." Our AI reads, understands, and makes decisions based on the natural language information and preferences you provide. It also analyzes photos to ensure matches meet your appearance criteria. It is constantly improving its capabilities, and our goal is to make it so effective that one day it can completely replace human matchmakers. At that point, we will bring the service to everyone on Earth at a price everyone can afford.

How do you ensure everyone on Keeper is looking for something serious?

Most people won't fill out a long form about their deepest personal information and preferences for a spouse unless they are looking for something serious. There are plenty of faster, easier, and cheaper ways to date casually. When making a match, we ask even more questions and gather more information to ensure 100% fit. On the low chance that someone signs up for Keeper with short-term intentions, it's easy to identify and remove them based on their behavior.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription or a long-term contract to use Keeper?

No. Our services are ad-hoc, and you can cancel for a full refund anytime.

How new is Keeper?

We launched in May 2022. We are a venture-backed startup with investments from Bain Capital, Sovereign Capital, and Champion Hill Ventures, among others.

What is Keeper's success rate?

In two years since our launch about 1 in 6 first dates from Keeper have led to marriage engagements.

Is Keeper affiliated with a particular political philosophy or party?

No, Keeper is not affiliated with any political philosophies or parties. Keeper's founders and employees hold a diverse set of beliefs and are united by our shared focus on Keeper's mission, vision, and values. Keeper does not get involved in issues outside of its scope and we are proud to serve customers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and values.

Do I have to pay up-front for the Marriage Bounty?

On the Marriage Bounty plan, you do not pay up-front. You only pay once you've found long-term success with a match.

On the Marriage Bounty, do I only pay when I get married?

There are a few conditions on the Marriage Bounty contract under which you pay. These are conditions we consider equivalent to marriage or that indicate a relationship is very likely headed toward marriage.

The conditions are:

  1. You marry your match in a civil or religious ceremony.
  2. You and your match have a child together.
  3. You or your match legally adopt one of the others' preexisting children.
  4. You and your match live together at the same legal address for one year or more.
  5. You and your match date in a committed, exclusive relationship for 18 months or more.

Until one of those happens, you do not pay.

What’s the difference between paid membership and free membership on Keeper?

If you are a paying member, we actively match on your behalf. That means we comb through our database and prospect outside of our network until we find someone, do due diligence, and make the match.

If you join as a free member, we consider you first to be matched with paying members. Paying members typically match more quickly than free members. However, our client list is growing daily, and if you join for free the odds are you will eventually be matched. Free members never pay.

What if I don’t want to pay for Keeper?

You may join our matchmaking pool for free to be matched with our paying members. We encourage you to do so, because odds are we will eventually match you.

How is the experience different for men and women on Keeper?

When we make a match, we show the man to the woman before the man sees her. If the woman says the man is someone she’d like to meet, we then show the woman’s profile to the man. If she’s not interested, the man never sees her profile.

What type of information does Keeper share with my match?

Most of the information we collect is only used behind the scenes to ensure match quality. Profiles are built using only information that would be appropriate to share before a first date. You can feel safe knowing we won’t overshare on your behalf.

Does Keeper use ChatGPT?

Keeper uses a proprietary algorithm developed using a combination of custom AI models and third party models, including OpenAI's GPT API. All of our AI algorithms are guided by relationship science and evolutionary psychology, allowing us to create matches optimized for short-term attraction and long-term compatibility.

You ask a lot of personal questions. What does Keeper do with my data?

We take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. We do not sell your data to anyone and we don't share it with anyone except your match. For men, relevant features of your profile will be shared with interested women; for women, we only share relevant profile details with men you explicitly express interest in. Contact information is only exchanged once both parties have agreed to the match. Your sensitive preferences for a partner are never shared with anyone.

We value the trust you place in us because we can't do what we do without it. Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is our top priority.

Does Keeper have an app?

At the moment, we have an AI-powered application used internally by our matchmakers. User information is collected via this website, text, phone, and email. We are in the process of building a user-facing web app with completely automated matchmaking.

You can reach out to contact@keeper.ai to view or make changes to your information.

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