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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI Dating and Relationship Coach?
Our AI dating coach is your personal love guru powered by artificial intelligence. It's like having a friend, counselor, or personal confidant who's available 24/7 to chat about your relationship concerns.
Can the AI Dating and Relationship Coach find me a match?
The AI Dating and Relationship Coach is a separate and distinct service from Keeper's matchmaking offering. The purpose of the coach is to help you improve yourself, answer questions when you feel stuck, and navigate the challenges of relationships. Keeper's matchmaking service is focused on finding you your ideal partner. To use Keeper's matchmaking service select the button titled "Get Matched".
How does the Keeper AI Dating and Relationship Coach work?
The Keeper AI Dating and Relationship Coach offers customized guidance and advice based on evolutionary psychology and relationship science. You simply express your dating problems or challenges, and the Keeper AI Dating and Relationship Coach offers you the best relationship advice derived from its advanced algorithms (Similar to ChatGPT — but trained specifically to help with relationships).
How much does the Keeper AI Dating and Relationship Coach cost?
The Keeper AI Dating and Relationship Coach is free to use for the first few messages. After that, the price is $9.99/month or $69/year.
Is the information shared on the relationship coach confidential?
The information shared with the coach remains strictly confidential. We prioritize your privacy and data security above all, ensuring your details aren't shared with anyone.
Do Keeper matchmakers have access to my chats?
No, Keeper matchmakers do not have access to your communications with the AI coach. If you'd like to provide additional information to your matchmaker or ask for an update on your matchmaking process, please reach out directly to your matchmaker or contact us at contact@keeper.ai. The AI coach cannot help you with our matchmaking offering (yet).
Can I trust the relationship advice provided by an AI-powered coach?
Our AI-powered dating coach is much more powerful than a general chatbot due to its training on well-established principles of relationship science and evolutionary psychology. Although it doesn't substitute for professional help, it offers relationship coaching grounded in solid research, making it a trustworthy assistant on your relationship journey.
Are the dating tips and strategies applicable to all cultures and regions?
Yes and no. Attraction and courtship principles are universal to some degree. However, dating norms and expectations can vary significantly due to cultural nuances and regional differences. The tips and strategies provided by our AI-powered personal dating coach are most effective when tailored to the cultural context and personal preferences of the individual seeking advice. If you need help within a specific context, we recommend providing that context to the coach.

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