Delusion Calculator for Men and Women

Are your romantic expectations in line with reality? Discover your chances of meeting your desired partner with our free reality calculator. Simply enter your preferences – age, race, height, and minimum income – and let our build-a-man calculator do the rest. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we'll tell you if your expectations are reasonable to give you clarity in your quest for love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Preferences Calculator?
The Preferences Calculator, also known as the Delusion Calculator or Reality Calculator is a free app that helps you understand the likelihood of finding your ideal partner based on preferences like age, race, height, and income, using the US Census Bureau data.
Is the Preferences Calculator accurate? 
While the Preferences Calculator provides a percentage reasonably close to reality, it may not be 100% accurate. The tool is applicable only to the US population.
Where do you get the information for Preferences Calculator?
The information used in the Preferences Calculator is sourced from US Census data.
Is this Delusion Calculator for men or women?
The Delusion Calculator is designed to work for both males and females.
Do I need to sign up to use the delusion calculator?
No, you can use this delusion calculator without needing to sign up.
Does the Delusion Calculator store my personal information?
No, the Delusion Calculator does not store any information provided by users.