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Our handpicked partners are here for you along every step of your Keeper journey, from pre-match to engagement and beyond.
Ready to Where
Wardrobe consulting
Your clothing should exude confidence. Their expert stylists strategically build customized wardrobes considering factors like fit, lifestyle, and versatility. Available nationwide.
What Keeper likes: Excellent stylists for both men and women at reasonable prices, serving the whole US.

Use the link below for 20% off a new client package.
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The Match Artist
A photography company transforming dating profiles through intriguing photography, facial expression coaching, and showing you in your element. Available across the US and Canada.
What Keeper likes: Their entire process is set up to optimize for dating profile conversion, and their photographers are top-tier.

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Photo testing
Test your photos anonymously before a statistically significant sample of men or women within your target age range. Get rated on several factors to decide which photos to use.
What Keeper likes: Objectively testing your photos for a dating-specific context takes the emotion and guesswork out of deciding which photos to use.
Visit Photofeeler
Fount Bio
Health and fitness optimization
A life science company offering a pipeline of innovative products for medical and beauty applications, combining proprietary innovations in biorthogonal chemistry with glycopolymer science.
What Keeper likes: Fount is the most advanced and tailored full-suite health and fitness optimization platform.

Mention you came from Keeper for $500 off.
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Jean Dousset
Engagement rings and wedding bands
Designer engagement rings and jewelry by the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier.
What Keeper likes: They offer the best quality-to-price ratio for engagement rings and wedding bands. Beautiful designs made with lab-grown diamonds, for a fraction of what other designers charge.

Use the link below for $250 off.
Visit Jean Dousset
Sex therapy
Professional therapy for bulletproof confidence in the bedroom.
What Keeper likes: Lover offers personalized, doctor-designed mental health regimens to give you more confidence and better performance during intimacy, without medication.

Use code KEEPER30 for 30% off.
Visit Lover

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