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March 8, 2023

Online Dating Clearly Isn't Working

After ten years of dating apps giving plenty of matches but few real connections, people are fed up.
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Online dating has come a long way since was first launched in 1995. Although there is now a platform for every orientation, preference, and desire - no matter how niche your tastes - millions of users are still left unsatisfied and unfulfilled. With such a vast variety of dating apps, there should be more opportunities for finding human connection and love than ever before. But ironically, somehow the reverse has happened. While there may be more choices, there is less romance.


Loneliness has become increasingly prevalent in developed countries over the past fifteen years. As we’ve gotten richer, we’ve also gotten lonelier.


Collective isolation and loneliness boomed during the pandemic. In March 2020, Tinder hit one billion swipes in a single day, and it’s broken that record more than 100 times since. Statistics like these may sound like success, but what they actually show is that Tinder fails at its alleged objective to help people find partners. If people were entering relationships, they wouldn’t still be on Tinder.


After ten years of dating apps giving plenty of matches but few real connections, people are fed up.

We are increasingly aware that endless scrolling on dating apps has a negative effect on the brain and heart. The never-ending reel of potential partners is lowering people’s self-esteem and making them feel lonelier than at any other point in history. A survey conducted this year of 18-54-year-olds concluded that nearly 80% of users feel emotional burnout from online dating. It seems that having millions of singles at your fingertips makes us feel insignificant and replaceable, as there will always be someone else around the corner.


There are, of course, success stories. Tinder alone had 71 million active users as of last year, so there were bound to be some who found a partner. But millennials are now spending an average of ten hours per week on dating apps. If you’re spending ten hours every week looking for something but not finding it, it’s time to admit the search isn’t working.


Abby, a 28-year-old financial analyst, said “I tried all the dating apps for many years… I just feel burned out. It really is almost like a part time job." Having seemingly exhausted all options, she considered hiring a professional matchmaker. But it’s not just young women dissatisfied with online dating. Cosmo Landasmen, in his late sixties, tried online dating on and off for 9 years following his second divorce: “I found many lovers, but never love."


At last, there is a dating solution that recognizes the problem and is working to fix it.


Keeper recognizes how complex and busy your life is, and that finding a partner who fits all your preferences is an incredibly intensive process. That’s why we offer to do the hard work for you. Keeper takes down every single preference you have and filters out unsuitable matches, because finding someone who shares your values and goals should never feel like a job.


We recognize the complexities and needs of the individual, which is why we’ve built the first dating platform that values quality over quantity in the extreme. 


Countless new platforms have launched to try and rectify the dating app malaise, usually focused on a particular niche. Yet every niche product ignores the fundamental problem and fails to address the complexities of compatibility. You can’t out-tinder Tinder by rebuilding the same user experience with a smaller pool.


Take Raya, which describes itself as a ‘private membership social media application,’ but is basically just an exclusive swipe dating app. It’s primarily associated with celebrities and influencers, and unlike other dating sites, your membership must be approved by a panel. On paper this makes sense - celebrities want to protect themselves from the wide, deep, dark dating pool. But realistically, is the common characteristic of being famous sufficient to forge a romantic relationship? Even among other famous people, the vast majority are not going to meet your criteria for a long-term partner. A real relationship is built on so much more.


Acutely aware of everything required to build a successful relationship, Keeper’s innovative solution does the legwork for you. We gather every single one of your requirements, collect rigorous data about your personality, values, goals, and preferences, then sort through every potential match to find the one that’s 100% compatible – whether you’re famous or not. We don’t offer you hundreds of matches, or even tens of matches. We offer you one extremely high-quality match.


Across the Western world, fewer people are getting married, but it isn’t because fewer people want to be married. Keeper recognizes this fact and is fulfilling the basic human desire to find a life partner – a pursuit that has become increasingly difficult in the twenty-first century. 


Mutual attraction, values, personality, and goal alignment are the cornerstones of a successful relationship. Keeper’s capacity to focus simultaneously on all of these traits using AI is what makes us the only dating solution that will find you the one person you’d most want to marry. 

Keeper promises to be the app that will match you with your future spouse on the first try - it’s a big claim, but one that has thus far been proven accurate. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. What have you got to lose? 

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