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Wes Myers
April 12, 2023

How To Take Good Dating App Photos (As A Woman)

Great photos can make or break a match. We have some advice for which you should choose.
Wes Myers is the co-Founder and CBO of Keeper, an experienced matchmaker, and relationship expert. He is an Iraq veteran and Wharton MBA.

Choosing the right photos for your profile can be a delightful challenge. Today, we’re here to provide guidance that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

Your Keeper profile is an opportunity to showcase your full personality, interests, and strengths. While words are essential, we can't overlook the visual aspect. Well-curated photos create a powerful first impression, conveying much more than just your appearance.

When a man views your profile for the first time, he’s going to ask himself a million questions: What’s she like in person? Is she fun to be around? Will we connect? And the most crucial question: Can I envision a future with her?

If your photos don't answer these questions and more, they might be holding you back.

Let's explore ten tips to help you create a compelling profile.

Ten Tips

Radiate your natural smile

Research shows that a broad smile showing off your teeth is most attractive to men. And make sure it’s a genuine smile, because the human brain can immediately detect a forced smile vs. a real one.

Real smiles cause the eyes and cheeks to move. Your eyes narrow, you develop “crow’s feet,” and the corners of your lips turn upwards. Also, look at your bottom teeth. If a smile is genuine, it’s less likely you’ll see the bottom teeth.

Make eye contact through the lens

Imagine meeting a man on the street or at the store. How does it always begin? Eye contact. Looking into the camera lens simulates eye contact when a man views your profile, forming an instant connection.

You don’t have to stare down the camera in every photo, and shots where you’re looking away can invoke intrigue, longing, and depth. It’s all about balance. If you’re looking away in more than half of your photos, you risk appearing avoidant or unsure.

Embrace variety beyond selfies

When you’re looking for photos, it can be tempting to dig into your library of selfies and be done with it. When building a profile, however, we never want to use more than one or two selfies.

Men tend to distrust selfies because they can be inauthentic, and they provoke uncertainty about what you really look like. Photos taken by other people are preferable because they convey what you actually look like from a real-life perspective. Selfies are okay for closeups, but they must appear natural and not like you’re trying too hard to “hit your angles.”

Be careful with mirror pics

Mirror pics suffer from the same flaws as selfies, but they can offer glimpses of your figure and style. Data shows that mirror pics perform poorly, but one outfit shot is okay if the rest of your photos are quality.

Please, no bathroom mirrors.

Be mindful of clothing and setting

What you wear says a lot, and men make assumptions about you based on how you present yourself. Personal taste matters. Consider the impression you want to create and how much you want to reveal.

You also want to be cognizant of where your pictures are taken and what’s going on around you. For example, even if you only party once or twice per year, if the majority of your pictures are taken at parties, you’re going to give off a “party girl” vibe. Of course, if partying is an important part of your lifestyle, that’s okay. Just be aware that the men viewing your photos don’t have the full context.

Showcase your active side

We love profiles that include activity photos, because they show what it’s like to be around you in day-to-day life. What do you like to do? If you do yoga, get a shot of your poses. If you like to cook, snap a candid at the counter. Whatever it may be, your match wants to see you doing the things you love.

Celebrate your bond with pets

Including pet photos helps men connect with your compassionate side. A photo with a dog (even if it isn’t your dog) is endearing because it conveys a sense of nurturing and warmth. If you’re more of a cat person, showcasing your feline friend works equally well.

Share full-body shots

It’s important to set the right expectations by including a couple photos showing your entire figure. It’s our responsibility to portray you in the best light possible while also staying true to life. We want to see that you’re confident in who you are and what you look like.

Ideally, a mix of close-ups of your face/torso and full-body shots provides a well-rounded representation.

Capture moments with your friends and family

While group shots shouldn't dominate your profile, including one or two can convey that you're friendly, likable, and outgoing. Photos with family members showcase your values and the close relationships you hold dear.

The only exception is that we don’t want to see you with anyone who could be an ex. Even if it’s just a male friend or cousin. We want to avoid any potential confusion.

Prioritize photo quality

Whether it’s fair or not, men will make subconscious judgements about you based on the quality of your photos. Grainy, pixelated, or excessively filtered photos prevent men from accurately perceiving your appearance and might suggest a lack of care.

Whenever possible, opt for high-resolution shots. Camera photos are ideal, but photos taken by a newer smartphone.


Crafting a captivating profile is more of an art than a science, and your photos play an essential role in this masterpiece.

Remember, your profile photos are a window into your world, and they need to create an inviting view that encourages potential matches to step inside. By implementing these tips, you will not only attract the right attention but also establish a strong foundation for a meaningful connection.

So go ahead, embrace your uniqueness, and let your photos do the talking. You're not just looking for any match, you're looking for your Keeper.

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